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Hey guys! Ive had an 00 Xterra for about a year now. It has been used as a dog hauler and thats about it. I recently relocated for work and no longer need my gas saver (or the car payment!:D) so the X is now my daily driver. Ive had 3 lifted jeeps and can't wait to tinker with this thing!

Looks like a PML and a BL will fit 32", 33" pretty comfortably? I had 35's on my wrangler and I'm not sure i want to go that big with this build. I won't be using it for anything intense, maybe a few trails and a mud pit or two. As i said, it has been a dog hauler, me and my GF love to take them out hiking / camping.

Any input and advise is welcome!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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