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New member, Tornado just blew in!!

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Hi, I'm Tony, my off road friends call me Tornado (long story). Live in San Diego, do some local off roading here and in the Imperial Sand Dune Recreation Area (Glamis & Gordon's Well). Have a 93 Toy 4x4, original owner, all stock, but she's just too purdy to beat her up off road. Came across this 03 SC Xterra, needed some work, so beat the owner up on price for a few weeks and finally bought her. Just got her home tonight (so the laundry list is: the previous owner installed a new timing belt and put it in wrong, bent the valves on the #2 & 4 cylinders, injectors on those cylinders were also bad, new radiator, shroud, lower ball joints - underneath it looks like they jumped it into a river, caked mud everywhere - past due registration, just for starters. In to her for $4,800 so far and still need some other small things - windshield, headliner and all the front bumper mounting hardware.

So glad for this forum and that I found it, it's already been a big help to me, thank you. After I get the few small things taken care of, then I can get to the fun stuff - 3" suspension lift, rims & tires and a rear ARB air locker. I'm sure looking forward to everyone's help here haha. If your in my area, please shoot me a message, it would be great hearing from you and having a local contact would be a great help.

Happy Wheeling!!


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