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2012 Xterra PRO-4X 78K miles (stock for now)
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Hello all. New member. Just purchased a 2012 Xterra PRO-4X with 78K miles on it. I actually bought a brand new Xterra for my ex-wife back in 2004 but we divorced shortly afterwards so I never really got to drive it very much or learn anything about it.

So 20 years later here I am :)

Of course I want to put some bigger gnarlier off road tires on it and found the forums here doing research. You guys seem like a great bunch of helpful folks, I look forward to learning and getting to know everyone.

While I am new to Xterras I have been a mechanic of one type or another for 35 years. Heavy equipment, small engines, motorcycles, semi trucks, oilfield, construction equipment, industrial machinery. You name it I have pretty much twisted a bolt on it. Except cars. Never worked on autos for a living although I do all my own work I have never held a job working on autos. But hopefully some of my experience will help you folks in return for all the help I am going to get.

Hutch~ Slaughterville OK
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