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New Member- 2001 to Good Home

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Hey guys! I'm brand new to the forum and wish I had found you guys earlier.

I have had a beautiful blue 2001 Xterra since 2003 and I believe it has came time to part ways with her. I sought out this forum because I wanted to try to get her a good home before I went the Craig's List route. I'm currently in Denver, CO. The car runs great, 4wd works fine, but definitely some appearance issues- cracked windshield, chipped paint, and cracked taillight. I also re-routed the heater cord so it does NOT have heat. Pricing is 100% negotiable. If any of you guys know someone looking for an older model that still runs well please email me. And enjoy the first snow that came last night for all of you other guys here in Denver!
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Post some pics of the Xterra when you get a chance. Welcome to the forum!
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