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New in NorCal (Sacramento area)

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Hello all,

Great site helped me learn a lot even before purchasing. I looked at 3 Xterras before I found the one I purchased, Black 2004 XE V6 4WD.

Over the years I've owned 3 - Z31 300ZX, which shares a lot of similarities engine wise (VG30 / VG33) That was a selling point for me since I do most of my maintenance.

Right now I'm refreshing the Xterra as much as I can, suspension, heater core, and timing job are the few immediate projects, lots of deferred maintenance from previous owner.

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Hi Cory, welcome to the forum! Glad to have you join us. Lots of very informed members on here with a wealth of information, so you've come to the right place! You'll find just about anything you might have questions about there.
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