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Hi guys, I recently finished moding my 4x4 04’ Xterra. As of now Ive added long headers with a stock exhaust and roughly a 3 inch lift (I just cranked the torsion bars and added a leaf spring extendor) with rancho shocks and 33 inch tires on. When I got it it had about 150,000 miles on it and a load of issues, I took it to my hometown shop and I dropped about $3,000 just replacing random mechanical issues and we put a new radiator in it. Right now Im having issues with my O2 sensors since I don’t have any cats on so my idling has been inconsistent. I was thinking of putting extensors on the O2 sensors to trick the engine (I heard that works but any advice would be welcome). Although I think my next steps is a cold air intake because I would like some more power out of the engine. I know it’s only a 3.3L but it doesn’t have a lot of ooomph when I hit the gas. What else do you guys recommend to get it running better?? And what would be some more modifications to help with my 4x4 success.
(I took some photos of the engine bay but they weren’t loading, nothing to exciting going on with it though)
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