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New Xterra owner here.
138,000 miles
3.3 v-6 not sc
Couple of questions
1-Does this motor have a timing belt or chain? I live in a world of 3 VW beetles that need the timing belts changed at 80-100,000 miles or kaboom and need to know if this needs to be changed asap.
2-Seeing post out there for changing out the radiator with a newer model radiator?
3-I am getting 17.5 to 17.9 mpg is this about right? running 70 mph I am pulling about 2700 rpm again is this about right or is the OD not working
OD light does not come on/off when button pressed.
Any tips on "look out for this or need to change that" would be appreciated.


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For your questions:
1 a 2003 has a timing belt
2. changing radiator to a newer model dealt with the SMOD which occurred in 2005+ where the coolant mixed with the transmission. You could upgrade the radiator to the supercharge radiator for your year but not a requirement
3 not sure should wait until someone else chimes in.

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1. If you have no record of the timing belt change DO IT ASAP! I bought one with 145k on original timing belt. When I tore into it the belt had over 2" of deflection (looseness) but somehow had not skipped a tooth. Spec is only 15mm deflection. Ran much quieter after replacement as well.

3. Does your OD light illuminate at key-on before startup? If not maybe the bulb is just burned out.
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