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Been surfing here on and off since I picked up my Silver 02 Xterra 2years ago and finally joined up to see if a fellow member could follow up on a repair post he had from three years ago. Got back to me within a day with an answer on an Oil pressure switch issue ( hats off to member "black" ).

Bought her 2 years ago with 87,000 miles to run mostly during the winter months. Picked her up pretty cheaply but plenty of deferred maintenance to take care of. I do most all my own wrench turning and run BMWs during the warmer months. Have to say glad I went with an Gen 1 X, been easy to work on and parts are dirt cheap especially compared to the german stuff.

This site has been great for clarification for DIY!

So Far brought her back to some former glory :) >
Vapor Canister Solenoid (engine light on when purchased, reason for the great deal)
Valve Gasket
Timing belt with new radiator, Tstat and all new hoses
Brake lines for the rear (rusted beyond recognition) with new pads ect.
Cabin Filters
Brake Fluid and Power Steering Flush
Oil Pressure Switch
Aftermarket new Grill (old one so faded)
Aftermarket Rear Steel Bumper (rusted so only 2 of 4 screws to hold plate)
Front Yellow Fogs off amazon with wire kit
14" Led Light bar under the front plate
New Headliner fabric (never seen so much sag from an original head liner!)
Extracted seats and floor
Paint correction with 3M and my rotary makita to remove paint swirls
Striped/ground the rust off the spare and sprayed with Black bed liner
Light scrape, rust converter, and bed liner spray on frame. It's criminal they did not do any undercoating underneath these trucks at the factory!
Going to do fluid changes for the differentials, transfer case and Auto trans this weekend.

Just hoping there will actually be some real snow this season in Chicago! Only had her in 4 wheel 3 times since I picked her up.
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