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Hey everyone, great forum!

I'm 32 from Qc, Canada. Never really been a car/truck guy and I already own a Toyota Matrix and a Yamaha Bolt. I recently bought 106 acres of forest, lets say I bought my own camping grounds, and as I work from home as a sofware dev and my GF takes our car to go to work I already needed another vehicle for when I need to go somewhere and can't take my motorcycle because I want to bring my dog along or because its winter already so I found a nice black 2001 automatic Xterra, with only two rusts spots, 153000 miles and some 15/10.5/31 Mud Terrains that I will soon change for 15/10.5/31 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A® KO2 tires.

And well I found out I really like driving it, its relaxing like riding my bike. So now I'm slowly starting to look at lift kits, bumpers, winches etc...

I still have to change the doors cylinders, as my keys don't fit in and I can only unlock with the fob and the AC doesn't work, but I really don't mind that. Other than that, it starts and run absolutely fine.

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