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Howdy Y'all,
I want to thank the members and administrators of this forum. You helped me and my son figure some things out on our 2001 Xterra 4WD 3.3L project car. We bought it with the intent of some quality father/son time project vehicle. Y'all have helped facilitate that.
I purchased our Xterra in summer of 2019 to be my son's first ride. The X had spent most of its life in Illinois so there was/is plenty of salt rust underneath on the steel and bolts (and a little body rust). It had 170k on it and hadn't been kept up by the last couple owners.
I bought it for $1,300 cash off a used car lot. The V6 3.3L hits right in line until it warms up and then has an idle issue. We will replace all four catalytic converters and O2 sensors soon. After we get the cats replaced, I believe this X will run like a champ and has got at least 40k left in her.
Work performed so far:
Upper and Lower ball joints both sides
Inner and Outer tie rod ends both sides
New center link
Sway bar bushings and links
Cleaned and re-packed front bearings with new seals
New rotors, brake pads and front shocks
Temp sending unit
Rear leaf spring
Fluids flush and fill
Removed and power washed all seats and carpeting
Detailed interior

Work planned:
Rear sway bar links
Rear shocks
All four catalytic converters and O2 sensors
Cut out rusted rocker panels, clean rust, and replace

Again, thanks to all who helped ... without even knowing it!

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I got 2001 w/ 217000 miles, runs like a champ. Paid $300, Got really lucky,
I'm just learning how to do this texting stuff. I messed up my name, Xterric is my handle...
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