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New Engine, but have an issue

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I have an 01 MT and put an 02 SC'd engine in. i bought the motor from a guy who had stuffed it into an S12 and did a fresh rebuild, i have zero reason to speculate it was done incorrectly, and i 100% believe it is good and has 0 miles on it. just age. i bought the truck with no motor in the summer of 14 and have been working on it slowly and have finally put it together and started it and backed it out of the garage. i have a crappy build thread in here somewhere.

So anyways, here is my problem/concern. there is a tick. its coming from the passenger side cylinder bank, from the rear piston(ish) area. the sound goes away as soon as you raise the rpm above idle. however, i pulled the valve cover and the valve cover and rocker arms were dry on the rear side of the cylinder head. i haven't put the front diff in yet, because i was going to pull the pan back down and check the oil pick up tube. My oil light is also on, however i cannot locate the OPS, or the harness that plugs into it. the passenger side of the block has the block off plate and the oil filer is on the front of the block. there is no sensor at either of these two locations.

Any thought? where/what to look at? i know some of you guys might have an answer for me, just hope you read this.


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The fact that the tick goes away with a little rpm points to an oil pump/pressure problem.

You spin the oil pump a little faster, the pressure and flow go up, the tick goes away. Does the oil light go out?
The tick at idle is a sure sign that the oil pressure is low enough to have a physical impact. If you keep running it, could result in engine damage.
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