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New cat still glowing red.

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2001 Xterra, was loosing power and then the cat caught on fire. Changed the cat and it instantly is stilling getting hot and glowing red. Any suggestions on what it could be? Possibly and hopefully just a sensor allowing too much fuel output.
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Well, you probably need another new cat unfortunately. If it is red hot you probably melted it.

Do you have engine codes with it? Did you check manifolds for cracks when you replaced? Typically you need new manifolds as well, as they are junk and crack pretty easily. This is what throws off your O2 sensors. It's pretty rare that O2 sensors actually go bad so I doubt that is the case. I would check both sides.

If it is still bad, I recommend upgrading to the 02-04 style welded pipe manifold/cat combos. Nissan seemed to know the 99-01 manifolds were junk. Supposedly you also get a 10 HP increase.
The cat is actually unhooked from the exhaust at this moment.
Check those manifolds closely homeboy. My cracks were barely noticeable until I removed them entirely.
Okay Homebiscuit, let us know what you find.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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