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New Battery but car wont start.

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Hi guys I have a 2008 Xterra offroad
Car has been driving great and then it wont start lights,radio and windows turn on fine and we have clicking sound.
Went to O'reilly to check the battery and they said it had a bad cell and I need to buy a new one.
Bought a new battery came back home and the car works great.

one week passes by and everything is great,then today we drive for 5 minutes come back home then after an hour we get in the car and... NOTHING.
No radio,No windows, not even a clicking noise when i turn the key on.
I took the battery back to O'reilly for testing and its good.
Any ides what it can be?
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you need to have the alternator checked, try jumping it and getting it to orielly they should be able to test in the parking lot since you have a known good battery they should just be able to run an alternator check while the engine is running. i used to work at a parts store and saw this all the time, battery goes bad and kills the alternator as it takes more and more current to charge the failing battery(rare, but happened alot more than you would think), or the alternator fails and kills the battery so you replace the battery and are left dead again not long after. Thats why its always a good idea to have the alternator tested when you have the battery changed, it doesnt hurt, doesnt take long and can save you from getting stranded or help you find and fix an issue before it becomes major. its also worth it to check your belt tension too, as you may simply have a worn and loose belt not allowing the alternator to function properly.
Thank you so much.
But the car is dead I can't get it to orielly.
If that is an alternator problem.
How expansive will it be to replace it?
Is that something someone can do by him self or I'll have to tow my car to a mechanic?

If you have a good wrench set you should be able to do it yourself, getting the belt off and back on is the hard part otherwise its simply a few bolts and an electrical plug or 2. Have you tried to jump it? If its really dead like you describe you may need a large engine truck like a v8 titan o or something and good jumper cables like 4gauge or 2 gauge, if you have a friend or neighbor with a big truck have them come over snd attach the thick guage jumper cables to both vehicles and have them start their truck, then try starting yours their charging system may give enough for you to crank. If it still wont check that you are getting any power by trying lights if you are getting power you need to let their truck sit on charging your battery for a bit, then have them rev it up to 1500-2000rpm while you crank over that should get you started. If it still wont and you have no power anywhere you might also need to check your cables havent come loose from the battery and where they run to, in fact i would do that now. Also check you havent blown the main fuse, it would be difficult to do but can happen if a cable is loose or something contacted both battery posts while it was connected and arched etc.
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I fixed it...
It was bad connection from the positive side of the battery.
I cleaned all the rust from it then it started, then I just replaced the part
that'll do it
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