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New Battery but car wont start.

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Hi guys I have a 2008 Xterra offroad
Car has been driving great and then it wont start lights,radio and windows turn on fine and we have clicking sound.
Went to O'reilly to check the battery and they said it had a bad cell and I need to buy a new one.
Bought a new battery came back home and the car works great.

one week passes by and everything is great,then today we drive for 5 minutes come back home then after an hour we get in the car and... NOTHING.
No radio,No windows, not even a clicking noise when i turn the key on.
I took the battery back to O'reilly for testing and its good.
Any ides what it can be?
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Hope you got this figured out by now!
You can easily check prices for the alternator on the O'reilly website. Grab a Haynes manual (used on Amazon) and you'll have good instructions for all kinds of DIY work for your X, especially easy stuff like alternator, battery and more.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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