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Ok so there is a house down the road a bit from me, and out back they have a large barn. In front of the barn there are 2 CJ carcasses. On a whim (wife babysitting a friends two terrorizing little girls) I stopped and knock on the door. A little old lady (Phyllis) answers the door. I ask if she would be willing to sell some parts off of them. She says yes if there is something I would like she'd part with it. So I thank her and walk back toward the barn. When I get back to the barn I notice headlights gleaming the suns reflection from inside the barn. I peeked thru the doors just to satisfy my curiosity. There must have been 10+jeeps in there is different levels of deconstruction. Anyway, after about 15 mins of looking around I found the part I wanted. I go back and knock on the door and she answers again. I explain that I found what I was looking for. Assuming she had no idea of a fair price I offered her $300 and I'll take it out. She proceeds to say "no,no,no thats way to much" and tells me that her husband paid that much for some of the carcasses. She then throws $150 at me. In my mind I screaming DONE, but I felt like I would be taking advantage of her.after a bit of negotiating (me trying to convince her its worth much more than that) we agree on $200. So I give her the money and spend the next couple of hrs pulling my part.

Part sourced... d300 transfer case. Can we say "d300/tx10 doubler for $200"

I'll need new driveshafts and the adapter but not to shabby for a 5.29:1 low low range.

That will give me a crawl ratio of 72.19. If I use the theory that you x2 because it's an automatic, that puts it at 144.38. Thats a sick number either way.


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