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My X (Picture Heavy)

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Finally got around to making a build thread for my X

The first pic right below is the most up to date pic of it. Followed by the Mod list. Then the evolution pictures.

Most Current Pic (4/26/2009)


2000 Silver Ice XE
5 Spd Manual 4wd
3.3L V6



Green Drop in Filter


Xterra Neoprene Seat Covers Front & Rear
Xterra First Aid Kit
Husky Liners Custom Molded Floor Mats Front, Rear, and Cargo Area
2 Sets of Maglite Clamps
CX Business Cards


Tube Doors
Gobi Ladder
Yakima Loadwarrior w/ Hi-lift Brackets, Extension, and Stretch Net (SOLD)
Yakima Chairlift 4 Ski Racks
AC Roof Light Bar
2 KC Daylighters (Long Range Beam, Center 2 on Roof)
2 KC Daylighters (Spot Beam, Outside 2 on Roof)
2 KC Daylighters (Fog Beam, Bottom of ARB)
2 Hella 550's (Driving Pattern, Top Tube of ARB)
Ventshade In-Channel RainGuards


Optima Yellow Top
Fire Stik 60" Whip
Ipod FM Transmitter
DC to AC Power Inverter


ARB Deluxe Winch Bullbar w/ TMAX EW9000
Shrockworks Transfer Case Skid
2" BL Shrockworks Rock Siders

Steering & Suspension

SLR Steering Kit
AC Idler Arm Brace
SLR HD Torsion Bar Adjusters
AC Shackles
Sway A Way 20% Stiffer Torsion Bars
Bilstein 20% Stiffer Front Shocks
Bilstien 20% Stiffer Rear Extended Shocks

Drive Train:

Warn Premium Manual Locking Hubs

Wheels & Tires:

15x8 (4.75 BS) Keystone Black Rock Krawler Wheels
31x10.50x15 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ's (Worn out)
31x10.50x15 ProComp Xterrain's (Current)
33x12.50x15 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ's (Sitting in the garage waiting to be mounted up)
McGard Wheel Locks
McGard Stainless Steel Lug Nuts

Trail Gear:

Stanley Tool Box filled w/ tools
ProComp 3"x30' Snatch Strap
Warn 8' Tree Saver Strap
Warn Shacke Reciver Mount
Warn Shackles (4)
ProComp Tire Guage/Deflator
Spot Light w/ DC Charger
2 Blankets
Assorted Fluids & Grease
Drag Chain
Trail Spares
Jumper Cables
Chilton Manual
Rubber Gloves

I'll update this list more as I do more mods.

Now on to the pics:

Christmas Gift (I got the Safari bar and light and put them on that day)

Day I got my License

ARB just installed (long story why I got it)

Testing My 1st set of 31's out behind my house, Removed the Step Rails too.

Then I added the Loadwarrior, Extension, and Hi-lift Brackets. Also removed the Sway Bars

Added some lights to the Roof:

Then I moved my Spare to the Roof

Then I got the Black Krawler Wheels and The 31" Xterrains

Next Were Warn Manual Locking Hubs

Then I added my CB, Whip, and Maglite Clamps

Then came the Gobi Ladder

Then the Shrock T Case Skid

Pic coming soon

KC Daylighters on the ARB

Pic coming soon

The SLR Steering System:

Installed pic coming soon

Hella 550's on the ARB

Pic coming soon

Next was Tube Doors

Painted some of the plastics black:

waiting for a nice day to take a pic

picked up some 20% stiffer extended Bilsteins and some 33's saturday March 28th:

Did the 2" BL

Shocks went on today (4/13)

pics to come

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Lookin' good Ian!
I'll get a Tcase skid Pic as soon as the ground dries up a little and the tube door pics as soon as it warms up.
Did u get the tube doors from kyle?
Looks good Ian!
Yes I did get them from Kyle. Thanks for stalking my every purchase Stevin. lol
Yes I did get them from Kyle. Thanks for stalking my every purchase Stevin. lol
Anytime! lol
Stevin seems to stalk a lot of things..

easy now. NO THREAD JACKING HERE! this is not the place for stevin's stalking discussion. Make A NEW THREAD!
Stevin seems to stalk a lot of things..

hahaha Stalker? Why never! I got better things to do than chase down that chick in that black X, Keep track of Ian's purchases, keep track of Shaun's grammar issues and inability to read sentences correctly :mocking:

NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD! dont forget Chantale in that list though Stevin.
NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD! dont forget Chantale in that list though Stevin.
True dat....I kinda think she likes it anyways :mocking: lol

Thread Hijack over!
great pics of a great truck ian!

gotta get around to a build thread of my X one of these days

Is their a lift on it at all? You wrote you were doing one, but did you ever get around to it?
just one rear leaf added to compensate for sag and I tightened the Tbars a little

other than that Nope. Still waiting on the shackles to come in and i'm pieceing together a BL still.

I had 3" UCA's and was pieceing together a 3" SL but sold them to get money to help pay off my scuba gear.
Soon to be added:

33x12.50x15 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ's
20% stiffer Bilstein shocks (extended rears)
Engery suspension Low Pro Bumpstops
AC Shackles
SLR HD Torsion Bar Adjusters
Sway A Way Torsion Bars
1 - 20 of 101 Posts
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