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Hello all, I've recently acquired an xterra, finally, I've always had a thing for em, and mine was free :)
Im a tow driver by profession, I first saw this one at 2 am lol, it had a flat and no spare, told him if he ever wanted to sell it, I'd be interested if the price was right.
Few months went by, towed it again, this time the starter went out, he was saying he was just going to crush as it had lived a good long life, I told him I'd take it, so a deal was made, I went back for it a few weeks later, got the title, took it to the yard. in addition to the starter, it has a massive valve cover leak, broken leaf spring, broken rear sway bar, its been rear ended several times, frame is good, body is good except for the bumper itself, says the drivers front brake caliper sticks,and it is in desperate need of a cleaning :sick: its done about 205k miles.
I plan on fixing it up to be a nice, mild off road rig, little bit of lift, bumpers, armor, rear locker, winch, I plan on running 31's, and having something that I can easily drive up to my favorite colorado mountain trails or moab and wheel a decent amount and then drive home.
I broke my own record for acquiring shitbox vehicles, I acquired this, a few weeks later, re-acquired my 90 bronco, and while at the wedding I bought my bronco back at, sold my 86 datsun 720 (technically pending) already had to explain to the female that I accidentally bought a truck.
I'm fairly decent mechanically, but as always with something new, theres tips and tricks and characteristics of the vehicle I don't know vs people who have done it themselves for years, so if anyone has any input on repairs, parts to help make my dream a reality, or just stuff for sale that could save me some trouble, I'm all ears
pictures, including the bronco even if its not the star of the forum

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