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Ok all, I got my first 2002 Xterra 3.3 v6 4x4 automatic with 169k miles. So far I have changed oil, fule filter, and cleaned the air filter.
A few questions: first at 169k I am assuming the timing belt has been changed but either way I plan on changing it in the next 1k miles and water pump.
Second, it runs fine but I was thinking about changing the distributor and wondered yalls thoughts. Would it be worth just doing the cap and rotor and new wires?
Third, everything I have read says the 2002 did not have the radiator problem with trans and coolant is that correct?
Fourth, I have noticed a very slight vibration at idle when it is in gear. It is not too bad but wondered what it could be.
Fifth, the vibration is more noticeable when I turn the ac on or the headlight. I know both but more strain on the motor. Thought it may be the battery or Altinator, what?s your thoughts?
Sixth, the only problem I have noticed is the abs light comes on after driving 30 or so miles and then when I shut it off and restart it goes off. Any thoughts? I will be scanning it soon to see the codes stored.
Finally are there any other things I should consider doing, replacing, or cleaning.

The X will be used strictly as a daily driver about 80 miles a day. I will not be lifting or putting bigger tires on.

Thank you all in advance for any information.
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