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I just purchased a 2007 Xterra Off-Road with 75k miles in a beautiful Red Brawn color. It came with some Falken Wildpeak Tires and the interior was really well maintained for the age of the vehicle. My wife and I are backpackers and do a lot of back-country travel. We got tired of renting SUVs so we decided to hunt for Xterras and 4Runners. I ran across this gem on the LetGo App.

The CarFax says it came from Canada and it does have some under body rust. I will be planning on tearing out the exhaust and suspension within the next couple weeks. Gonna need lots of help, I am highly experienced in custom cars so no dumb terms needed in descriptions. Just point me in the right direction and I will get it.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone that lends some wisdom.

My Best,


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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