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MUKIWA - Off Road Trips

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MUKIWA Trips and Adventures

I'll be adding pics and vids to this thread whenever we hit the dirt... which will hopefully be offen!

I'll also try and add a map showing where these places are for the local xterra ppl..
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4x4ing at the Fraser River

A few weeks ago a bunch of friends and I went down to the fraser river for the day... Its an area frequented by many off roaders includding quads trucks, dune buggys, dirt bikes etc.

Mt Cheam in the background

My sister on the roof trying taking a pic

Lots of scratches after today

My two toyota friends... I didn't take to the water cuz I haven't raised the breather on my rear diff yet

We had followed this one trail which had a dead end and was very muddy so I turned around and told everyone it wasn't worth going down but my friend decided to try it and this is what happened...
He had been stuck for over an hour when we finnaly got him out thats why he was so happy
And yes this was a clear trail in a designated 4x4 area so we aren't tearing thrugh an area we aren't suposed to be in.

One of my favorites

I grabbed an old untreated power pole from work which we chopped up for fire wood...burns great

Here is a map:
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Great pics!

That mountain shot is awesome...........
West Harrison FSR and Sloquet Hotsprings

On the weekend my wife and I decided to take a trip up West Harrison and find the Sloquet Hotsprings. It was overcast and there was a hint of rain but I was happy as I wanted the springs to myself and I was scared they would be full of people on the weekend. So we got on the freeway at 9 in the morning (a miracle) and were on dirt by 10:30. Ten mins up the gravel road I got a scare as there was a road closed sign and an excavator ripping up the road for repairs... but I found out they were going to let traffic thru at 11 sweet!
Finally we were back on track and first in a line of 15 off road rigs as a toyota club was also hitting up West Harrison. I soon realised how fortunate I was to be the first in line as the road was super dusty.

I didn't realise how long this road was and had estimated around 2 hours but in reality it took 4 1/2. It wouldnt have been bad if we had made a round trip out of it but we came back on the same long road lol. We did stop quite a bit along the way at all the waterfalls, dozzens of small side roads, and a grouse.

and good photo spots as I love taking pics of the X.

We also saw half a dozzen deer and a huge black bear which took to the woods before we could get the camera on.
Finaly we made it to the springs and to our suprise there was no one there!! It was a 50m walk in from the camp site and you could feel the air getting warm as we got close. We came down some stairs and right there was a waterfall spilling down the bank with water hot enough to make coffee!

The stream fed three pools which had been dammed up with rocks and plastic and got cooler as they went towards the river.

This was the hottest pool, you could only stay in here for a minute or two as it was scaulding hot

They fed into the creek which was ripping by full of spring runoff

After sitting in the natural hot tub for a few hours we hiked back up to the Xterra and broke out some hot dogs and boiled the coffee.

My wife thought I was such a geek taking pics of everything lol I told her my brothers and sisters on clubX need to see every thing and they love pictures.

We took our time and then started back home which seemed much longer than I remembered. It was a sweet trip well worth the long drive.. I might go back in the winter time if the road is passable as that would be amazing.

Well thats it for today but I've got stuff planned for the whole summer.. so many places so little time!!

Map to Sloquet: (Page 24 of the Vancouver, Coast Moutains Backroad Mapbook)
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I loved British Columbia. that fjord pic reminds me of the road from Vancouver to Whistler. I cant get enough Pacific Northwest.
You're so lucky to live there and have access to all those amazing spots - it kinda makes me hate you a little... :D
All these places are less than an hour from the house... Sometimes we take it for granted that we can be downtown Vancouver, snowboarding, on top of a mountain, in a desert, in a rainforest, in the ocean, or off road all within an hour from home... yes its pretty sweet!
OK - now I officially hate you a lot... :p :D
Really nice pictures and the video of you and the wife driving and looking at the springs is kool too but...the ones with the guy in the back of the truck while trying to pull the stuck truck out just freaked me out...not real safe there, and the guys on the back of the truck after it was pulled out was even more dangerus.
Ya no kidding.. They were trying to keep the back tire on the ground as the front was sinking in but ya watching the vid definately realize the danger.
Last weekend we went for a trip into the Kelowna area about 4 hours away to check it out and do some camping. It was awsome! We found some really sweet lakes and are going back at the end of July. Ill post up some pics and maybe another vid if I get around to making it.

Got to love packing

A flooded river near Princeton

Left to Right: Me, My wife Hannah, Stephanie, Mark (Sister and Brother)

Definately worth the drive... on the way home we planned our next trip to the area! Cant wait!!
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Beautiful Pictures... I love the areas you get to go to ... Canada looks amazing... Keep posing love it!
Looks like you guys are having some nice weekends, but the memories will last a lifetime, thanks for sharing them with us.

Are there some really wild and scary animals were you guys are camping at in these last pictures?
There are lots of Black Bears but they tend to leave you alone. There are also cougars but you rarely get to see them. I have a 12 Gauge in the car just in case but if you leave the food in the car over night and keep your site clean the animals usually leave you alone. Mosquitos are deffinately the Wildest most Scary animals in this area lol.
thats just awesome man!
how do you find these places?
I love camping but always seem to go to the same old boring Not out of the ordinary places....womp womp womp!
I spend most my spare time on clubx and the rest reading my backroads mapbook and looking for neat places to check out... I'll post a few maps of the places I go and feel free to ask if you want to go somewhere I've been.
Awesome pics! Looks nothing like FL... :(
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