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Moog ball joints that come with AC UCAs are junk

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Went to get an alignment today and discovered that my upper ball joints are trashed after only 1 year. Granted I've wheeled a fair bit, but I've never had a ball joint fail so soon before. I did some searching and it seems that others have had the same issues. I never liked the boot design that just loosely fits on there and allows contaminants to enter.

I guess MOOG ain't what it used to be.

I'm replacing all 4 with Dorman XL, their premium line. Hopefully they'll last longer. Been happy with the Dorman XL centerlink so far...
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Thanks for sharing.

What year is your rig so those who read this in the future will know which Gen this is happening to?
I put Moog BJ's, tie rods etc with grease zerks on my Frontier about 15 years ago and they've been great, but they do seem to have decreased the standards since then.
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