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Mod ideas

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Okay here’s REXTERRA my 02 v6 xe 4x4 I want to mod as I’m rebuild the engine since my timing belt went so I want to swap the heads do up the exhaust and put a snorkel kit also thinking cold air intake as well with lift and other stuff but what else can I do to the engine to beef it up and make it ever lasting tank and want to be able to pull more stuff with it
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You should see if you can put a new belt on it. Many of them live. If your engine survives then you could build another engine on a stand and when it’s done, swap them out.
I’m buying the belt and water pump kit to swap all it then swap all engine gaskets and rebuild the engine I have installed of wasting $$ on another one I have the xterra parked for now so I can save up to fix it only has 246k kms on it
The bottom end still turns just top end don’t turn over
1 - 3 of 6 Posts