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Hi folks.

> I recently purchased a "new" 2013 Xterra model 'S'. (The underbody has minimal rust! The X appears to have been used for long distance driving only.) I plan on driving on North Carolina Outer Banks beach sand.
> I had installed both front and rear undercarriages. I now think the front undercarriage should be permanently removed. Anyone out there with actual experience with this setup?
> I'm new to forums. So please excuse if I misuse this forum in some way.
> I also purchased the Surf Mate Rod / Cooler Rack Jr size. This rack now works installed on either the front or rear of the vehicle. I did cut off the inner most two rod holders so the rear hatch would open. This rack is currently mounted on the lower of the two height settings. I do like this rack as I have it modified, not to carry a cooler, but to carry other bulky and sandy equipment.
> I need an informed recommendation. Forget that I have this rod/cooler rack. Just think about the forward undercarriage and what are the consequences that the vehicle will likely suffer from. This undercarriage protrudes forward of the front tires by about 10 inches. The ground clearance remains the same. It seems to me that very soon I will be ramming this undercarriage into either a concrete curb or a concrete parking lot space barrier. Also, possibly getting on/off the ferry boats may ram this undercarriage into the dock’s steep ramps. A following consequence may be that I bend the front vehicle framing, and then screwup the tire alignment. So, did I may a costly mistake? Should I remove that undercarriage ASAP? This Xterra is in great condition, and I don’t want to abuse it any more than necessary. The salt mist and air will be enough of an assault.
> On the plus side, this undercarriage may protect the skid plate and other low hanging metal from damage if I run into a timber or rock.
Thanks, Robert from Richmond VA, Mar. 2021.

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I'll give you a pointer on how to use the forum a bit. Instead of clicking the 3 dots to get quotes, go 2 icons to the right and select "Unordered List". It will give you something like this:
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This line was made by pressing Enter twice to exit the List.

The Quotes tag has to be done for each line or paragraph, and it reduces the font size, making it a little more difficult to read.
This is me quoting myself.
This is another self-quote. But notice that it allows multiple lines, whereas List does not, unless it does a word-wrap.
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And this is after pressing Enter 2 more times.
Regarding your undercarriage holder thing, if you could get some images of it, that would really help a lot to visualize it.

Something to consider if you're concerned about clearance would be to do a PML on the front, lifting it just a little.
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