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Hi, my name's Alex, and I just recently bought a 2002 Xterra. Having wheeled both an 05 Wrangler and a 13 Outback, I'm excited to see how far this thing will take me.

Lockers before light bars lol I plan to lock the front and rear, run 33 or 32" Tires, but keep the center of gravity as low as I can. No idea yet how I'll go about doing any of this, because I know next to nothing about these trucks, but one thing I do know; these things are TANKS! The frame on this thing is BEEFY and that makes me happy. Also, are they all really slow? Or just mine? Haha, my Outback is faster I think. Can't wait to go on my first trip with it!

Anyway, excited and honored to join your ranks!
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