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MechPatt's 2001 SE 2X4 5Spd

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I became the proud owner of my 2001 2X4 SE V6 Silver Ice Xterra on July 4th of 2007. It was originally purchased by my grandparents for my brother with him as a co-signer and the agreement that he would make the payments on it... That was in August of 2005. He made the first 2-3 payments then didn't make another payment on it, so finally in July 07 they told him he could either make the payment or bring it to their house and park it in the driveway so they could sell it... he parked it... They did some research and found out they were "upside down" on the car and started discussing selling my grandfather's dream car (a 1994 Corvette) to make the difference. When I heard that I volunteered to take over payments. Thus the car became mine. (oh and my brother ended up totaling the Vette in Dec 09 anyway...) Since then I have done loads of maintenance on the car and some upgrades. I have gone from Street tires at stock size to MTs that are 1" over stock size and have the front and rear bumpers traded out for Shrockworks bumpers. The 6 disc changer from the factory crapped out and was replaced with a single disc JVC unit with AUX and USB interface. It also has a double capacity radiator and a yellow top.

Other jobs I have done on the X include:
KS sensor replacement; I have to go through emissions testing, so I had to correct the code... While I had it tore down I did clean the lower intake, injectors, and plenum of all carbon build up and replaced the plugs and wires.

All 4 O2 sensors replaced

Replaced the harmonic balancer; the rubber had dry rotted between the rear pully and the main body of the balancer, and it actually fell into 2 pieces after it was removed. I also tried to cut a corner on this one and not remove the radiator causing the need for the next job.

Radiator replaced with an aftermarket Frontier double capacity radiator; I went down to our local radiator shop and they happened to have one that was damaged in shipping (one of the top anchor pins on the plastic tank had been snapped off) since the top tank on my stock radiator was the same as the aftermarket one they swapped the tank and only charged me 150 for the brand new radiator. :)

Replaced the front wheel bearings

Replaced the Carrier Bearing (drive-shaft Center support bearing)

Replaced the Valve cover gaskets; had to remove the plenum again for this job, so I went ahead and did the plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor button.

All oil changes I've done have been done by pouring one cheap high viscosity quart through the motor after it has drained then filling up with Valvoline full synthetic high millage oil with one quart replaced with synthetic Lucas Oil and a Purilator Pure One oil filter.

I've also made the K&N drop-in switch.

When I get home from Kuwait the first job on the list is the timing belt. (Its a little over due at 196K miles) I know I have been lucky on this one so far...

I'll also be doing the Catalytic converts and a few other small jobs.

Pictures to follow shortly...
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Shortly after I got it helping a buddy move

Just some posing shots

three wheelin

Nice and muddy

getting shrocked

More posing shots

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carpets and floor pans all clean again

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Hey, I know that guy! Welcome to the club man. Nice to have you here.
Pat are you stalking me? J/K man, good to see you over here too.
yep I'm now a member on three X forums ProjectPatt587 (firstgen page) MechPatt587
and here :)

been on XOC for quite a few years now and have contributed on several mechanical threads. I'm a mechanic for the Army and its my passion. I love helping people with mechanical issues and makin sure they get the best and most accurate info possible. I hate that a lot of mechanics get a bad rep for dishonesty and I hate to see people get screwed by a dishonest mechanic. If anyone has questions I'll answer them to the best of my ability and if I don't know the answer I'll do my best to find it!:)
So my favorite color is yellow, and I have wished my X was Solar Yellow since I got it. When I get home I'm thinking I might do a paint job on it. I'm no photoshop wizard at all and this is a crude job done with paint, but I hope it gets my point across... Let me know what you think...

I'm thinking about calling it Project "Xterra Strong"
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What happened to your Shrock in the pic with the truck pulling you out?
x2^^ It looked f* up

only thing I can think of is someone hooked it to the bumper by the bars and not the hooks and it bend it down
x2^^ It looked f* up

only thing I can think of is someone hooked it to the bumper by the bars and not the hooks and it bend it down

Nailed it on the head! My front shackles is a pin and cotter pin, and I wasn't feelin doin all that work to pull the pins in the semi cold mud... Tried to pull it out by the front first, and the two bolts that go into the front of the frame rail ripped out... I rocked it back and re-torqued the 4 remaining side mount bolts, and its holding fine.... When I get home I plan on drilling and tapping the front wholes to replace with something a little more stout...
Did it break off the captive nuts or just strip them? Seems like with the angle it would have had to have lost 2 of the side mount bolts too?

Oh and good looking X!
Just stripped them , and I got lucky and didn't snap any of the others...
I think the paint could look real good (even though I dislike yellow), I do think it would look good with the black following the body lines over the fender flares and down along the bottom quarter. Might not be explaining that well, but chances are I will have pics of it soon, because I was planning to do that to my silver X.
I thought that's what might of happen :) I bent my jeep bumper like that when I got stuck in about the same amount of mud. Expect I was dumb and trusted a drunk man to hook it up while I maned the wheel.

Oh and I'm repping the 4x2 also!! Love seeing a 4x2 X offroad!
Yeah I've got SO MANY ideas for thing I want to do to the X when I get home, but I have also promised my wife that I would buy her an Element.... So we'll see what I can afford to do to the X after that....
3 5/8" BS will make them stick out REALLY far. You gonna run your 31s on them?
Most likely until I can afford the 2" BL I would eventually like to get some 33s on it :) But I'm also on 4X2 and don't know how much use I would really get out of them lol I still love trail riding, but I'm limited on where I can go and what I can do...
I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if you were in metal cutting territory with that backspacing and 31s. I haven't heard of anyone running that little BS.

And tires are the biggest thing you can do with your 4x2, to keep traction to your valuable 2 wheels :) Although you already have MTs, so maybe increasing your rear articulation. But you would have better approach/departure angles, could crawl over larger obstacles, and have a bigger footprint (especially if you go with 12.5" wide 33s).
You should post up your video from the rainy day in Big Fork. That's an entertaining example of using speed to overcome the lack of 4wd, not to mention an example of why your passengers should wear some sort of head protection.

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