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Here is the problem.

There is a vibration, more like a low frequency rubbing sound, similar to driving with no rubber bushings on an A frame trunnion but only when X turns left even 5 degrees from center.

But only left turn about 5 degrees of steering wheel left thru.

these are the things I have done. New:

  • wheel bearings
  • cv joint axles
  • lower steering box
  • power steering pump

  • rotated tires (these are new - have under 8K on them)
  • the ball joints, tie rod ends appear tight.
  • the shocks have about 30K the brakes are 3/4 new (30K) though there is some grooving but no warp.

    • there is no pull to the right or left.
      the tire wear is even.

      But I do have an ABS light.

      anypone out there who knows enough about the X to tell what might be the cause?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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