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MD 2004 XE Build

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I bought my X new and Ive finally decided to dump some real off road money into it after 90K miles. It already has some minor mods and been offroad many a times. Figured id chronicle my journey here. So far it has...

Calmini sliders

Jensen flip up head unit

2 12" Punch subs

Husky floor liners

I have it torn apart right now for a Rancho 2.5" lift and 32" tires. More pictures to follow

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haha its my X's twin!..... Nice X dude! shuold post up in the blue X group (in my signature)!
Blue X's for the win.
Here it is after two days of grueling work and a set of camber adjustment bolts. Lifted with 32" tires

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pictue didnt work dude

Got my Calmini IAB installed. Very easy
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Got into an accident this morning. Then I ordered my new Shrockworks bumper! lol pics of crash later...
Well at least you are getting a Shrock out of it!
Yea I am recouping that light bar....have a friend at the body shop. He can get my estimate pretty high. Really just headlight and front bumper damage
Looks Good !!
Well I spent my 4th of July weekend painting my roof rails. Shows you whee my head is at.

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Got a light bar from B&M and installed Hella 1900's on it

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It finally came in and I put it on

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Sick!!! Man I wish I could afford a shrock!
Hey any new pics after your SL? What does your X look like now?
Fixed some broken picture links
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