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Figured it was about time I did a build thread.

Definately won't be a progress thread at this point.....everything i post (for the most part) is as she sits today.

2001 Xterra XE 3.3L 4x4
Purchased Spring-time 06 with almost 80K on the clock.

She'd probably be bone stock still if it wasn't for you guys.......

Step rails gone....rear sway bar gone. PCV filter....look for my DIY
31s/PML/Awesome Views

Home made "lo pro" light bar welded up in the garage.

switched on and off with these.....

PML with AC shackles powder coated by me. Color is set to change soon though.

I had built a tool box with speaker box in the back.....but removed them when it was time to "live" in the Xterra.....summer 09


"Hidden" Inverter

2 10" subs and amp on quick disconnects.

Power Distribution

Mag-Lite Mount


crappy COBRA CB

and it's 3' firefly antenna. Bought a splitter so the Firefly works for CB and FM/AM

Custom Gauge setup. Trans temp/volts/pressure gauge(hooked up for fuel soon)

Transfer Shif knob off an old pathy...

switches to turn the radio and subs on and off independently...

and the fuse block.....soon to be replaced with a weather proof one

Here's how she sits today. Still to come(by spring):
stock bumper recovery points/new shocks/lots of powder coating/DIY snorkel

Lovin Colorado!

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De-Ja-Vue..... Lookin good. :)
hot? yeah...she can be. thanks guys. more to come.....

post up those "sweet pix" brandon
I've got a few shots of you too...

I even got one with your old lady driving

James Stu and I group shot

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Thanks dude.

On a side note.....there's really not much done to her. But at least she makes it out and keeps up with other Xterras with much more done.

I love my Xterra
When are you releasing the plans for the tail lights
soon as i get em. we might do that next weekend. talkin to a dude right now.....
Nice looking X Stu.
Hey - A mod path gets you where you want to one said the paths had to be the same.


got some surprises comin up as well.......
Ooooooh, I like surprises.

got some surprises comin up as well.......
It's going to be sick... I know what he's doing and trust me it's never been done
Sweet shiz Stuseph!
Stu have you done any more stuff to it yet??
Nice Stu!

got some surprises comin up as well.......
Soooo when are these happening
i have been so bogged down lately.

still gonna happen.....just gotta finish remodeling a house, moving, and getting a buick running! :D
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