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Mar 2008 Xotm Winner!

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Congratulations Kyle!!!!!!

Post some pics up of your X and Tell us all about it!!!!

P.S.-you gotta nominate someone next month
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woot!! official congrats yo!
2002 Nissan Xterra XE 3.3L
68,000 Miles

Performance Mods:
AEM Brute Force Intake
Walker Exhaust Federal Pipes
Nismo Y-Pipe
Magnaflow Cat-Back
Gutted Cats

Herculined Sides
Removable Tube Doors
Lights Galore
Tons of HP gaining Stickers!!
20% Window Tint

ARB Front Bumper w/Warn XD9000
Shrockworks Rear Tire-Carrier Bumper
Shrockworks Rock Sliders
Skid Row Automotive Skid Plates
AC Rear Diff skid plate
Shrockworks ARB front Skid Plate

All Fluids Royal Purple Synthetic
5.142 Differential Gearing
ARB Rear Air Locker
33/11.50/R16 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Tires
1.5” Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers

2” Body Lift
Sway-a-way Torsion Bars
3-Pack AAL from AC
Revolver Shackles
Rear Trailmaster SSVX Reservoir Shocks
Front Bilstein 20% Stiffer Shocks
SLR Steering System w/Steering Stabilizer & HD TRA’s
SLR Front Diff Drop Kit
UB Skidderz Leaf Pack Skid Plates

Interior & Audio:
Dynamat Everywhere!
Eclipse Dual Din Nav. Unit w/Back-up Camera
Kaption Audio Carbon Fiber Component Speakers in fiberglass door enclosure
No Rear Speakers
2 Kicker 8” L7 Subs
Kicker SX1200.1 Sub Amp
Kicker SX900.4 Speaker Amp
Mean Green High Output 180Amp alternator

See less See more
Stuffage!!!! Where are those pics taken at? Rausch?
yes they are taken at Rausch. That stuffing with 4.5"BS wheels and 1.5" wheel spacers.
Nice rig man!!! How much money did all of this cost you...
I lost count a while ago.
Look good buddy!!..Congrats!!!!!!
^^^ what the hell?
Zips in the wire!!! :machinegunner:
Mine is still stock.WAAAAAA:heul3-big::heul3-big::heul3-big:
mine was once stock too...don't worry, you'll get there someday lol :wink-big:
Fine Job! Congrats Kyle!!
i spy BRK sticker haha i love ridin breck. x looks sick man props for sure. sas in the future??? i want 4x4 :(
Breck & Vail!!! But thats only when I have enough money to take a trip out west. I do eventually plan to SAS it, but probally not really soon.
punkrockdrummerx said:
mine was once stock too...don't worry, you'll get there someday lol :wink-big:
thanks dude. Im doing a PML soon.
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