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I think at this point I've read a lot of the posts on manual hubs. I'm looking for some specific input on hubs for a 2004.

Currently I have the Rugged Ridge 15001.61 28 spline, 6 bolt hubs. Installed them in late 2014. About a year later one side failed. Hub was grinding, took it off, metal shavings everywhere. Rugged Ridge kindly sent me a replacement (5 year warranty). A few months later the other side failed. Also got a replacement. Now the first replacement has failed again. Sheared metal, super loud grinding (see photo). Rugged Ridge no longer responding to me. Anyway since their product is apparently garbage I'm looking for a different set of hubs.

I've tried the Warn 29091 which are supposed to fit the 2004. They do not.

The other alternatives I've found are:

Mile Marker 435s. According to Amazon they do not fit an '04. Anyone ever use them on a 2004?

Diften 181-A0164-X01. Never heard of them. Anyone have any experience?


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