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Hoping for some intel from other Xterra owners.

Just had my 2009 Xterra serviced for a new clutch. It's shifting great now, but the mechanic informed me that during the replacement, his team had to remove the two heat shields to get to the clutch - and that both sides had corroded bolts that held it in place -

They fixed the clutch, but did not replace the heat shields, saying the bolt area was rusted and the bolts had cracked. He advised he has never seen these placed on vehicles (my truck has been based in Florida - now in California where the work was completed). Mechanic thought it had something to do with various state regulations - because he said he's never seen that on vehicles he works on here in California.

I'm wondering - are those two heat shield NECESSARY - is there a specific function they serve? Here's the rub: He said to put them back on - it could cost up to $1200 based on the time intensive labor to get everything apart to get those down in there.

Help - are they necessary? What do they do? What other parts of the engine compartment do they protect?

Anyone out there have experience with this??

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