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MAKES Rattling Noise when goin over Bumps

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I have an 03 x and when ever I go over bumps in the road the back of the car makes a rattling noise like metal to metal. Noise only happens over bumps other then that no noise. I checked everything and nothing seems to be loose. Should I be lookin for something
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I have a 02 and does that too. I figured it was just the spare tire stuff under the back mat.
Sounds like a case of the rattling heat shields strikes again! Give a search for heat shields and you should find posts about where to find them and how to remove them, or clamp em down.

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uh oh. I was content thinking it was in my trunk. Guess I know what I'm going to go check out today.
Yea, they can easily be removed. No worries just don't go parking on a pile of leaves with the truck running afterwards lol.

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Check to see that your jack is snugly tightened down in the tool compartment. Extend the jack to make sure that it is "wedged" as well as make sure the thumbscrew is nice and tight. The jack can make all sorts of racket even with just a small amount of play.
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