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Maillet282's build

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Year: 2009
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra Off Road
Rig Name: TBD

-custom home made drop in roof basket
-key lock box bolted in roof basket
-locking roof basket handle
-custom 2" receiver insert bolted to bumper
-Champion 8000lb Winch with receiver plate
-Class 3 receiver hitch
-Zombie Outbreak responce team badge for front ( purchased from mjohns63)
-bed lined rear bumper corners

-Ironbull bumper
-hefty Fabworks sliders
-shrockworks M226 Diff cover

tire & suspension
-Goodyear Wrangler duratracs 285-75-16
-Readylift leveling kit

Engine and Performance:
-airbox mod
-K&N Drop in Air filter
-Superchip Cortex

-weather tech digital fit floor liner
-hi lift extreme under rear passenger seats
-Magellan Road GPS
-IPod inclinometer app
-Underbody box bolted into rear tie down rails
-Emergency amber/White Strobe lights on home made light bars ( Pics to come soon)
- 175lb rear hatch lift struts

-18 WX ST II with Sound Tracker® and NOAA Weather

electrical:-Piaa 510 Fog Lights
-55W square lights on front bumper ( Canadian tire special for now)
-Electric Break Controler
-reverse light mounted to drop in basket
-Optima Yellow Top Battery
-6 Spot Fuse Block wired with 4G amp kit

Recovery Gear:
-2 snatch blocks
-3 tow straps of diffrent lenghts( tree straps)
-Traction plates ( not tested will coment this winter)
-Battery Booster Pack
-receiver shackle tampon
-Numerous shackles
-12V. Air Compressor

-Fully stocked Trauma bag ( same one I used in Afghanistan)
-High vis safety vests
-work gloves

-mud flaps
-stock plastic front bumper
-stock roof cross members
-8500lb superwinch ( died after only 2 uses)
-Midland CB

Wish List:
-rear bumper with tire carrier
-more lights
-Full Skids

To do list:
- bedline rims
- replace Canadian tire special lights with LED lights ( See post 18)
- Install New Strobe Lights ( See pic in post 18)
- Finish install OTRATTW switches
- bed line plastic pieces

From the Dealership jan 2009
Ironbull bumper installed

how she sits now
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Very nice

you can add my sliders to your to-do list lol
they are on one of my to do lists
added some Cheep lights to the Ironbull bumper tabs and wired the switch into the overhead bluetooth plastic piece. ( crappy cell phone pics at night will get better pics soon. one switch is for the front lights, the second is for the back up lights)
and while i was at it, I added a light to shine on the zomby emblem
and also added a mini quickfist to hold my Surefire 6p flashlight
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Looking good man, and SF 6P FTW! :D
Sweet zombie response team emblem, waiting on my in the mail.
This looks so good.

How do you like the readylift suspension? I was thinking of going with that to lift mine but I'm still shopping around. I've also never done any kind of work on a car before so this is going to be a new experience for me - learn as I go and hopefully do most of it myself with help from whoever offers!
the ready lift is kind of a band aid for what i am using the truck right now, at first it worked great then I bought and started towing a camper on a regular basis. the longer shackles do not solve the problem of the weak leaf pack and will flatten them out sooner.

and for the front I am only getting slight CBC when I max out the flex ( doesn't happen too often in the flat lands of Saskatchewan) I am currently looking in getting a OME suspension with Dakar leaf pack replacement
Update OP, added clicky links, and added more pics( Everybody likes more picks)
ya no shit waiting for the spring to install damn its cold out.
What it's only -38*c with the wind chill right now
a few wheeling pics from last weekend
Regina Beach, Regina Saskatchewan Canada.




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well my Midland CB just took a dump today and decided not to work anymore. Solution I just picked up a 18 WX ST II with SoundTracker® and NOAA Weather from ( the same one rescue just installed) now the waiting game
well just pulled the trigger on a set of Staun Automatic tire deflators from, and a few switches from now the waiting game
Hey man awesome truck!

I like the dirty interior in that flashlight picture! Don't see as many 2nd gens willing to get a little dirty.

Great color theme too! Definitely one of my favorite second gens!

If you think that my truck is dirty, you should of seen it a couple weeks ago when I went to pull a couple buddys that slid off of a soft packed grid road into a farmers field after it had been raining for a few days . Glad i had the duratracs
Swapped out the switches for these:
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ordered some LED lights to replace the Canadian Tire specials on my Iron bull bumpers
this is a pic from the venders web site:
2x4" spot lights( bought off eBay)

and also changing up my strobe light set up as well(again eBay pic):

also ordered a couple OTRATTW switches for the strobe lights will take better pics when everything is installed
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ok took a couple minutes to do a quick mod on the truck today. I ended installing the 175 lbs lift struts for the rear hatch,

and I also started looking at the strobe lights that I bought recently to see if they were any bit water proof/ resistant. well from what I found is that there is no way that these are water tight from the factory. I am going to need a bit of RTV at all of the assembly joints and where the wires go into the light pods to make them any sort of water tight. Good thing I will be able to work on them cause I haven't received my switches for them yet
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