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LSD in 2008 Xterra

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I am looking at a 2008 Xterra SE that supposedly has factory limited Slip Differentials in front and back. I was considering buying one with no lockers or LSD and adding ARB locker in front and LSD in back. I will go mudding and water fording. I am in south Florida, so no rock climbing.
My question is, how good are the LSD in the 2008 Xterra. I had LSD in front and locker in back in my FJ Cruiser, and never used the LSD (A-track) because the locker was much better.
Thanks for the info
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I have an 08 S and the limited slip system automatically activates the brakes of the slipping wheel. I thought only the off-road model had any mechanical LSD or locking differential.
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