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2015 Xterra 4x4 Manual: I'm looking for recommendations to even out my dragging butt when hauling a camper.

I haul a camper full-time, usually moving short distances 1-2x/month, long distance (1k miles+) 1-2x/year - I also use the Xterra as my main vehicle for commuting/everyday driving/weekend off-roading/etc. I just upgraded to a single axle/higher clearance trailer (max rec. weight) and the Xterra is riding lower in the back than it was with my old, double axle/lower framed trailer (same weight). I have WD/sway set as high as I can and a slightly raised ball to compensate for the higher trailer frame, but it's still weighing it down more than I'd like (picture attached).

I realize my likely options are air bags or new springs - something to keep it riding semi-normally off the trailer and fix the weight problem when hauling. I'm a budget minded person but I plan to haul full-time with the Xterra for a long time to come, so I want to balance cost with worth. Thanks.


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