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Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the forum.

This past weekend, I purchased a 2003 Solar Yellow Xterra. It was a replacement...for my old 2003 Solar Yellow Xterra. I loved that car so much that, when it died, I bought the exact same one (low miles, great price) to replace it.

The car that I bought has some cosmetic issues, namely the interior panels in the backseat and trunk space. I'm guessing the previous owner used the truck to haul stuff, because the panels are very scraped up, and the trunk panel is cracked in a few places.

That said, I'm seeking advice on how to repair/replace these panels? Is it something a body shop would typically do? If so, where can I buy replacement panels? Is that even possible? And, if not, does anyone have any suggestions for other methods of repair?

I love this truck, too, and I want to get it looking good. Pictures are available at this link:

Thanks guys!
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