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Hello all,

I have a 2000 that I have been slowly modifying over the past several years. What I currently have:

Mean green alternator
3" suspension lift from 4x4 parts (upper control arms, add a leaf, rear shackles)
Rear bumper w/ tire carrier (a friend built for me)
Rock sliders (a friend built for me)
Shrockworks skid plates (front, engine, transfer case)
31x10.50x15 BFG KM2's
Reinforced TRA's from 4x4 parts
Idler arm brace from 4x4 parts
Moog ball joints on LCA's
30" light bar sunken into the stock roof rack
Lokka locker in front diff
Warn Manu hubs

What I plan to add:
Front bumper w/ tubes that go over the front fender and connect into the sliders (same friend will build for me)
Moog tie rod ends (inner and outer)
Moog centerlink
Idler arm bushings
Rear diff skid plate

I would like to put a larger tire on, ideally 33's (maybe 31x10.50x15). If I modify the fenders a little could I squeeze those in? I really do not want to do a body lift as I would have to modify the rear bumper and rock sliders I currently have.

If I go larger tires should I look at gear reduction? Is there a transfer case gear reduction that can be done rather than change the ring gear and pinion?

The final question. Should I just look at SASing it?

Any information regarding any or all of these questions qoukd be greatly appreciated!

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