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TL;DR: Looking for someone in the Seattle area with a 2nd Gen X to go to Planted Technology in Kirkland for 2-3 hours to have a template made. This is for pay (or trade).

Hi fellow X’ers, I looking for someone in the Seattle area who is up for a little adventure to Kirkland…

Planted Technology is a company that fabricates seat brackets for a large number of vehicles. They have templates for hundreds of makes but, unfortunately, not the X. They will, however, create brackets for any car that is brought to their shop, from which they can make a template.

As I’m located in Colorado, I’m looking for someone near ish to Kirkland that would be willing to spend 2-3 hours at planted tech with their 2nd Gen Xterra to have a template made. In exchange, I can offer payment for your time or if there’s anything you happen to need in Colorado, I’ll be happy to oblige!

Let me know if you can help…thanks!!!
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