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Hi I'm looking at buying this xterra and wondering what more experienced owners can recommend. I'm a bit concerned about the CEL and catalytic converter problem. Any input is appreciated! ................

2006 Nissan Xterra Off-road
Open to offers
296,XXX kms
New timing chain, tensioners and guides
New rad and rad hoses
New transmission valve body
New rear leaf springs
Fixed infamous coolant in tranny issue before it even happened
A/c blows ice cold and heat blows hot
Wheel alignment
New windshield washer pump
Runs strong

33” mud tires
42” curved lightbar
20” lightbar
Wired for subs
Tinted windows
Electronic rear locker and hill descent
2” lift (front spacer/rear shackle)
Aftermarket 7” double din stereo
4x4 works great
Led headlights and fog lights

Has a couple dents and dings
Check engine light is on due to it needing a catalytic converter

2003 SE 4x4 V6 100k miles
453 Posts
I do not have experience with that model, but everything about that X sounds great, if the price is right. Personally, while cats are expensive to replace, if you’re mechanically inclined you can do it yourself and potentially go a bit cheaper with aftermarket cats. But if it passes emissions then go for it and worry about the cats when it no longer can pass emissions.
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