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Since my '01 was totaled last month I stopped to think about what to do for a while, and now I'm back in the market for another Xterra.

I went and looked at one today, and like it, but told the salesman that I would have to "sleep on it". It's a 2010 Off Road 4x4 with 117k miles on it. It starts right up and runs great, no odd noises on start up or while running. The 4wd works as it should (as far as I can tell), the transmission shifts perfect with no rough shifts, no slipping, no hesitation. It's pretty clean. has a couple of minor wear items which I expect with a 6yr old vehicle. There was a slight vibration I could feel in the steering wheel but no pulling or wierd noises. I guess it's probably a tire or possibly a rotor. I mentioned it and was told that they will check it out. The TPMS light is on also??? Their asking price is almost 13k which is in the KBB range for it, but is more than I want to pay for a 117k mile truck, but I did talk to the salesman some and I'm confident that if I decide to get it I can get it down lower.

I'm looking for opinions, and was curious if there is anything specific that I should look for? My previous X was 2wd and was a 1st gen so this 2010 is quite a bit different, and I have no experience with the new ones. any advice?
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