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Lokka? Winch? BL?

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I'm starting to think that SL isn't right for my x and am not going to go to bigger tires, i might do a BL though
The most i might change mechanically is a front Lokka, which i think would cover most of the obstacles i would encounter.
I have heard about measuring resistances? where does this apply?
Although i haven't done any diff work besides atv's, i feel capable of accomplishing it with another person for the lifting.

. probably have seen this vid.

I have built a rear bumper and spare tire carrier, and am planning to start on the front bumper sometime, and would like to have a winch mounted on a trailer hitch adapter so i could move it from front to rear if i so wished.

I think this would be all my x would ever need, and ((hopefully)) my driving would cover the rest.

Is there something i haven't thought of, or should think about?

As for the body lift, not really worried about it....yet.

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