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Hello! New here. We bought a used '04 Xterra a couple months ago. It's in great condition, and only has a little over 50,000 mi on it. We've noticed a recurring problem with our locks and horn (security system?). It's never predictable, and we can't figure out what triggers it. The issue started shortly after we bought it- every now and then the horn would sound and the lights would flash for about 5 seconds straight as we tried to start the car. We suspected it was a security system issue.

Then, over the past month, our door locks have been acting funny. I'll push the button on the fob to unlock, and the doors will unlock. Then as soon as I begin to pull the handle to open the door, it locks itself again. I can hardly get in before it locks me out. It's begun this vicious cycle of locking/unlocking (sometimes 4 times in a row) all by itself. We replaced the battery in the fob- didn't help the problem.

Tonight, my husband unlocked the Xterra and let me in. I sat down, and the doors locked. As he went around to the driver's side, he pressed 'unlock' on the fob, and got in the driver's side. When he shut the door and put the key in the ignition, it started freaking out. The doors locked on us, and the horn blared for about 60 seconds without stopping (not a car alarm, just a persistent blaring of our horn at full volume). We couldn't do anything to shut it off: keys in ignition didn't work, pressing 'lock' and 'unlock' didn't work, getting out and trying the key manually in the door didn't work. Just time made it shut off. How embarrassing.

Anyone have a clue what is going on? We sure can't figure it out. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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