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Light bar

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want to make my own light bar to fit on my racks any ideas? What type of metal or aluminum to use?
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there have been a variety of successful designs. what did you have in mind?
got some lights from where i work of a D10 dozer 12 volts. Got 4 Just wander on a sturdy but light weight design, you know nothing hugh. Simple to make
Just clamp them to the front cross bar...that is the cheapest and simplest solution.

People have also mounted a simple perforated angle iron bar across the rack, and clamped it to the rails...then bolted the lights to the angle iron...which has also been done with galvinized and aluminum versions.
the perforated angle bar is what i was thinking but was curious on how it would look..trying to figure a way to hide it. have the garage at my work here at catipillar to do anything to it i want...welder, grinders, lifts... so away i build
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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