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So I'm currently sitting with two Xterras, one 2002 and one that's a 2003. Gonna move parts around and end up with one top condition once!

Both trucks have leafs in decent conditions looks like. But I realized that early 1st gens (2000-2002) had leaf springs with 4 leafs (3 + overload leaf) while 2003-2004 only have 3 leafs (2 + overload leaf). Are they interchangeable? As in, will a 4 leaf 2000-2002 leafpack go on a 2003 vehicle?

Found these: -> seems like they market the 4 leaf pack as applicable to any year 1st gen.

Wondering why Nissan made the change to only 3 leafs? Ride quality? Trying to save a few $$??

I will be putting the AC 3 leaf add-a-leaf pack onto the stock leafs as well, if that makes any difference in terms of which to choose...
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