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User name: Killswitch
Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4X4 (Switched to 3:36 gears w/ titan swap)
Color: Night Armor
Trans: Automatic

Poser Shots: Full build thread below these pictures


Powertrain & Drivetrain:
- Amsoil in everything except the transmission
- Femco oil drain valve
- had to replace the timing chain and tensioners at 47k (covered under warranty)
- 2* timing advance
- Gibson catback stainless steel exhaust
- Doug Thorley cat delete "B" pipes
- PRG/S.A.W chromoly extended half axles
- R180 w/ 3:36 gears
- M226 E-locker out of a 2011 Pro4X with 1k miles
- B&M Hi-Tek Transmission cooler w/fan (Radiator Bypass done)
- B&M Transmission temperature gauge
- Tom Woods custom drive shaft
- Rear Diff breather (routed inside the cabin and vented under the floor)

- PRG Titan UCAs
- Raybestos Titan LCAs
- Sway Away 2.5" coilovers w/ 650lb springs
- Moog Titan inner and outer tie rods
- Custom leaf packs
- PRG adjustable shackles
- Bilstien shocks
- PRG 3* shims
- PRG U-bolt flip kit

- Valvoline Dot 3/4 brake fluid
- PRG stainless steel brake lines front and back

Wheels and Tires:
- replaced both hub bearings at 60k miles - Here is the link to the ones I bought
- Off Road rims
- 285/75R16 Goodyear DuraTracs Load range E
- Dyna Beads (8oz bag of off-road/aggressive tire beads per tire)
- EZ Accessory 1.5" wheel spacers on rear axle
- Bedlined the rims

- Xoskel low pro light bar
- Totron 30" LED light bar (See post 326 for pics of light output)
are the grommets I have used to run the wiring through the roof
- Totron 3" LED driving lights on front bumper
- 4' Firestik II tunable tip CB antenna

- Stainless Steel Firestik antenna spring

- Door Jam antenna mount

- RockyMtnX rear recovery points
- Hoagie Shackles
- Side window deflectors
- Line-X on Shrock front bumper, grill, rear bumper, and plastic trimming on corners
- "Custom" Hi Lift mounts

- Securing knobs for Hi lift mounts
- Rausch Creek custom fender trimming
- AOOA body work
- OG Zombie Badge
- DepHep Standard roof rack

- Cobra CB installed in center console


- MagLites mounted by driver seat on center console and in back compartment by window
- Clarion CX609 double din stereo
- DUAL XPE2700 400w Amp
- 8" Pioneer driver in custom sub enclosure
- Bracketron phone mount
- Lobo shelf
- Blue Sea fuse box (mounted behind glove box)
- V-Leds dome lights

- HeftyFabworks full skid set
- BTF diff cover
- HeftyFabworks sliders
- Shrockworks front bumper w/radiator skid

This list may not go in order. The first three probably will. After that it's about where and when I find good deals. This list will also continue to grow as well. This is just the plans thus far. There will be many smaller things thrown in between, going to do some performance stuff etc.

-rear bumper w/ tire carrier (in progress)
-VHF/UHF (undecided on configuration, at this point I carry a handheld Yaesu VX7R)

Pictures of the Mods as I have worked my way through them: (You will see multiple different set ups here as this build is more of a time line. You will notice that in the early pics there is a PRG advanced kit and then further down there is pics of the titan swap etc. If you want to see a list of what is currently in the vehicle, just look above this at the mods list. That list is continually updated but these pics are kept as a sort of timeline so you can see the stages in which the truck has been built.

Stock, sitting on the lot:

With OffRoad wheels and 265/75R16 Firestone Destination M/Ts - stock suspension:

Xoskel Light cage and Hella's:

PRG Advanced Coilover Kit:

Cobra CB installed w/ 4' Firestik II and spring:

RockyMtnX rear recovery points:

Ballistic Fabworks rear Diff cover:

Shrockworks front bumper (before Line-X):

HeftyFabworks Sliders (Skids went on months before this but never got pictures):

Line-X'd my front and rear bumpers, grill, and several pieces of trim to match sliders:

Pictures of the original Titan Swap:

PRG Ubolt flip kit:

Gibson CatBack exhaust with Doug Thorley "B" pipes:
Sound Clip

Sway Away remote res coilovers installed: Cranked all the way down = 39.5" front fender height

My first M226 (older style M226, this was eventually changed out for a newer one)

DepHep Standard Rack:

Hi-Tek Transmission cooler w/ Fan:

B&M Transmission Temperature gauge:

Blue Sea Fuse Box

If you scroll down a few more images you'll see the new wiring diagram. I have not shown the diagram for the pins on the switches but the standard wiring layout should be there. My reason for changing everything up was two part. First, I didn't use the lights I had planned on, I bought LEDs instead. The LEDs draw about HALF the power I was using to run any other light combos and put out twice the light coverage so the decision was easy. Secondly, I had to change all my switches because I needed to run more accessories but didn't have enough switch space to do it so I converted all the switches to SPDT and can now run two things off each switch.

Totron 30" LED light bar: Post 326 has light output photos

Totron 3" 16W driving lights w/ CREE ships:

New to me M226:
This axle popped up at a junk yard near my house. It came out of a 2011 Pro4X with less than 1k miles on it and the Xterra that donated it was actually totalled due to a tree falling on it so I snatched this thing up.
Here is a How-to: I did on installing the axle as well as wiring the locker

Tom Woods custom driveshaft: Double Cardan at the transfer case end and a U joint at the diff end to replace that CV joint

Updated Wiring Diagram:
This includes or updates almost all the wiring you'll see in the previous two diagrams a few pictures back. Each has it's own details but this should be the most complete

Hopefully it isn't to small. There are two things that are slightly off with this diagram. You'll notice I used SPDT (Single Pull Double Throw) switches in the diagram. That is correct since I used these to act as more switches. I only had 4 spots for switches, in this manner I basically have 8 switches but I can only have 4 on at a time. The problem though is that this software doesn't show SPDT switches as ON/OFF/ON it shows them as ON/ON but you get the point. Secondly, I showed the Electronic Locker as a relay because it allowed me to show the indicator light. The locker is basically a solenoid. When the solenoid is activated it closes the switch for the indicator light which is actually alot like a relay works so for the purpose of examples it worked well.
If anyone can't read the image, please PM me and I'll send you a link that you can zoom in on and what not.
Click the picture to make it larger

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Good lookin rig

Sent from The Dark Side
Complete Gibson catback setup has arrived at my doorstep. Waiting on the Doug Thorley Bpipes to be brought up to me by a friend on Saturday and I will be installing the exhaust.

Also, within a month or two my Radflo 2.5" coilovers will be being swapped out for a set of Sway-A-Way 2.5" coilovers with external reservoirs as these will allow me a small amount more travel than the Radflos do.

Last but not least, waiting on a call back from a guy about an M226, I found a great deal on one and will hopefully be purchasing that tmw and picking it up in the next couple weekends. It's going to take me a little while to get this installed but when I do it will provide me with 3:36 gears and a rear locker which i'm excited about.

So, big month for me! haha, was basically planning on saving this month and getting the winch and Alcan leaf springs next month but when deals come along sometimes you have to jump on them so it looks like i'm changing my plans a little and changing up the order of the mods I had planned.
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Good deal on the m226!
Sweet X, I really like the liner
Alas, the M226 is not to be. The guy calls himself a nissan master technician but this axle when I saw pictures of it was clearly a C200 so oh well, I'll get one at some point.
Put alot of new updates in this build thread. I did finally get an M226 and swap it in. I also put an aftermarket transmission cooler in with a fan now. The screen name has been changed finally:) (Thanks XterraMike) Installed a Blue Sea fuse box, quite a few other things since I last posted in here.
Finally finished all my wiring and hooked up all the switches etc. The wiring diagram is included in the build thread.
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Sasquatch lights. :biggrin: Brilliant.
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haha ya, I saw that on OTRATTW's website and had to have it, still cracks me up.
That is awesome. Oh and so are your 1000s in bad-A mods :)
Build is updated. Added quite a bit towards the end. Can't remember if I mentioned the driveshaft but had Tom Woods make a custom driveshaft, put a new M226 in, did a bunch of electrical stuffs (made a cool diagram for that the other weekend out of boredome) and a few other things.
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