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Just installed a fuel pump kill switch for my 04 xterra. SUPER EASY.
Required tools/parts...

One 20 amp switch. Got mine at home depot for about 5 dollars.

Butt splices. Home depot. 2 dollars.

Polyethylene heat shrink tubing.
home depot. 2 dollars.

Heavy gauge wire. I had some trailer wire which I believe was 12 gauge.

Wire stripper optional. I used nail clippers and a bic lighter. You will need the lighter for the heat shrink later.

Locate the fuel pump relay under the dash adjacent to the drivers right knee roughly above the gas pedal (see pictures).


This is mounted to a metal bracket. Remove relay assembly from bracket using a small flathead screwdriver. There is a clip that needs to be pried outwards. Splice the black/white wire going to the relay itself. You will have to cut away a black plastic/rubber around the four wires leading to the relay. I cut about 8 inches down. Strip 1/8 inch on the ends of the black/white wire (shown in picture) and use a butt splice (blue plastic tube about 1 inch long in pictures)


insert wire and clamp the ends with a vise grip, don't be afraid to get them nice and tight. Slide the heat shrink around the butt splice and run a flame evenly over the tubing to form fit it around the splice. Repeat on opposite end for the switch. I didnt use heat shrink for the switch itself. I used these to connect to the terminals on the switch. (See below)


Now the fun part! Decide how much wire you want to use and where you want to install the switch. Slap that bitch in and your good to go.


Hope this helps
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