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In Vietnam, Ltd. and Sun Thuan Phat is the sole, exclusive distributor of the smart door lock products of the brand Be - tech, the world's leading brand of smart locks production, in the domain North and Central.

The smart door lock products are currently distributed directly Thuan Phat market include: Hotel lock, lock-family, office and locker key. With unlocking functions are: magnetic card, fingerprint and code, with backup mechanical key. The smart door lock products are capable of against the hot and humid weather in our country extremely well thanks to the modern design and materials should lock extremely durable. But above all, we put the safety and convenience of the product for the customer is first.

Founded in December 2007, the company formerly known as Vietnam Joint Stock BINGO later renamed Co. and Sun Thuan Phat, our main business products:
• Smart Door Lock
• Lock locker
• Safe Deposit Box
• Timekeeper and access control
• Control lifts
• Bell shape
• Minibar - hotel coolers

All our products are now available in a lot of villas, resort, famous hotels such as Hotel Chain system of corporations Muong Thanh, Nha Trang Hotel Havana, Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, Trade Union Hotel Tay Ho, Danny Hotel, Santabara Hotel, Asia Hotel, Da Nang Riverside Hotel, Hotel Royal Ninh Binh, luxury apartment Golden Land Building, Office Toong, ... ..

With nearly 10 years of operation in Vietnam market, prestige and responsibilities of Thuan Phat has been proved by the trust of customers during the last time. Enthusiastic, thoughtful, respected product quality and customer requirements placed top priority is always to our motto of striving to build brand until now. In the future, we will put the products of Thuan Phat closer to every home, so expect the consumer to receive for us.
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