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Kbell2433 Build Thread

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Here is my x stock a few months after i bought it and about when i finally found some good Xterra forums.

Sway bar removed and AC shacles installed.

Bilstein shocks installed.

Some tools used and old compressed shock.

BFG TA/ko 275/70/16 Installed.

Total Chaos IAB Installed

2" Body Lift and Body lift liners Installed.

Shrock Rock Sliders Installed

CoverKing seat Covers Installed.

Painted Grill and Headlight Surrounds.

Put Alpines in the back.

Installed Volant CAI

Cobra 75wxst cb radio with wilson5000 magmount
Garmin Nuvi 500 GPS

Engine, Valvoline SynPower® Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Transfer case, Amsoil Synthetic(MTF)
Front Differential, Amsoil Synthetic Severe Gear 75w 90
Rear Differential, Amsoil Synthetic Severe Gear 75w 90

Thats it for now, having trouble loading pix to photobucket. More soon
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lookin good
Nice Xterra, keep up the good work and post more pics!
The 275's work great and never rubbed. Now that i have the 2" body lift i am going to get 33's but there not in the budget yet. and the 275's are still like new
275/70/16 bfg ta/ko=31.2x11

265/75/16 bfg /ta/ko=31.7x10.5
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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