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Just Got My first Xterra! Super Pumped!!

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So as the title says i just got my first xterra ever! 2010 4x4 x series. Completely stock as of now but im super pumped to get some mods on it!
I already have a list going of what I want!

  • 2in body lift
  • 2 or 3in suspension lift
  • full grill guard (eventually add a winch)
  • new roof rack (I wanna install 4 lights onto it as well)
  • roof tent
  • i want to do 33-36in tires (dont know how much i can get away with)
  • rear bumper with tire mount

thats all i can think of right now but i have a couple questions for you guys.

  1. what size tire do you recommend?
  2. Right now i am looking at for my front and rear bumper guards. Do you have any other recommendations?
  3. I am finding a lot of roof racks that are basic and just bolt on but i want something unique. something customizable maybe. where did you get your roof rack?

thats all the questions that i can think of right now, thanks for any input and i seriously look forward to getting more involved with the community and stuff. if anyone is in DFW lets get together! maybe get in a garage together have some beer and share some good stories. I got a lot to learn!
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Gobi racks are run by a lot of people. You can check out dephep racks, he's on the forum.
was just checking out gobi racks, Awesome stuff thanks for the recommendation! but would you happen to know if they are compatible with a 2010. it says only 05-08
definitely, thanks again bud!

Anyone else have some opinions to throw around?
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