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June 2012 XOTM

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Here we go again! Nominate your favorite. 10 noms max! 1 pic only and you can nominate yourself.

Not eligible for nomination:

July 2011 - Morb - Gen1
August 2011 - cgvalant85 - Gen1
September 2011 - Rattfink - Gen1
October 2011 - Bkyln.X - Gen1
November 2011 - Zachbiz - Gen1
December 2011 - Rook - Gen2
January 2012 - T-Ray - Gen1
February 2012 - RacerXXL - Gen1
March 2012 - NUKEhead - Gen1
April 2012 - drbandkgb - Gen1
May 2012 - Sleeper00 - Gen2
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And for Sh*ts and giggles i'm nominating myself cause June is my birthday month!

The Silver Submarine:

An oldie but a goodie
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Well its my birthday too this month, so I'm gonna give it a go :)
Great, i have to go up against you?!?!? lol
hahaha Mike c'mon now your picture is's gonna be a hard one
Yea but your truck is awesome and your a girl!

I'll see if I can get amber to pose with mine in Moab this week and change out my pic...
You suck! LOL
I'm going to nom: M3C.CA

Looks like someone was stuck!

Need 1 more!
Come on guys we need 1 more to get this poll going!
This is insane. Can't get 1 more nom!
Has tjtj ever been nominated?
Yes! Last month i believe.

Throwing myself on there

I would nominate myself but I don't really have any good pics nor is my x special enough lol

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All of our X's are special! Stock or not!

AND THATS 10! No more noms' please.
Poll will start shortly!
1 - 14 of 33 Posts
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